San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital Donates to Toys for Tots and Winter Wish



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The holidays were a little bit merrier for local families, thanks to the Associates at SanGorgonio Memorial Hospital, who collected gifts for the Toys for Tots and Winter Wish programs.

Some of the gifts collected included dolls, model car sets, craft kits, board games, stuffed animals, and even blankets and clothes for families in need.

Last year, 257 toys were collected at San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital for the Toys for Tots program, and this year, SGMH collected 303 toys, surpassing their collection in 2012 by 46 toys.

“San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital has donated to Toys for Tots for the past few years,” said Lynn Gomez, Chief of Support Services. “We picked this program because all toys stay in our local area for our local children. Our community gives so much to SGMH that we decided to give back to them in this fashion.”

In addition to the Toys for Tots drive, Hospital Associates also participated in the Winter Wish program, and donated items to both Banning and Beaumont families. The Winter Wish program identifies local Beaumont and Banning families in need of assistance, and pairs them with local businesses, organizations, and individuals who can help their “winter wishes” come true.

Many of the SGMH Associates “adopted” local families for the Winter Wish program, giving them wrapped clothing and toys. All of the 62 children adopted were given a toy of their choice, a coat, shoes or boots and many received socks. Family gifts of towels, toiletries, and other necessities were plentiful as well.

“All of the items donated stay local,” Pat Brown, Chief Nursing Officer, said. “It’s wonderful for our Associates to give back to the communities we live and work in.”



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