SGMH Hosts Calvary Christian Kindergarten Class Field Trip

IMG_5178GroupSan Gorgonio Memorial Hospital hosted the Kindergarten class from Calvary Christian School for a hands-on field trip.  The students arrived and were greeted by a team of EMTs and two Symons Ambulance vehicles.  The children were given the opportunity to walk through the ambulances, push all the buttons in the cabs, and even hear the siren.


Once the children were properly outfitted in surgical caps and masks, they were given gurney rides down the Hospital hallways to the new Emergency Department.  They gathered in the CT Room to learn how an x-ray image is made.

IMG_5220Masked girls


The tour concluded with a visit to the Cafeteria where the children were treated with milk and cookies.  Trish Ritarita, Director of the Emergency Department, added, “We have done this visit for a few years now and we really want to make the whole hospital experience less scary for kids.  We want to take the fear out of the hospital and the staff.  If the kids come and see what happens here, they will not be so worried and scared if they have to come in because they are sick or have to be treated.  It also opens their eyes to a field they may want to go into when they grow up.”


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