More Tips for National Preparedness Month!

Pledge to Prepare!

Here are more tips from, via our own Jan Merrick, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator.

Be Informed! About what could happen….

Know the hazards or disasters that could occur in your area. Plan and prepare according to that type of hazard. Time that is saved could make a big difference when you are prepared and informed in an event.

Establish plans for staying where you are and potentially evacuating in an emergency. Then practice these plans with your family so everyone will know what to do!

Having a communications plan and kit ready may help you decide what response you should take.

Be aware of events that may come without warning as well as those that may have a warning or alert and know how you will receive this information.

Know what your city and county plans are for responding to these hazards. Make a list of these and other emergency contacts that may be needed.

Being aware of your local hazards, and how you will respond, could reduce the impact an event may have on you and your family.

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