San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital Food Services Department Gains Fans

Another milestone for San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital’s Food Services Department occurred Wednesday, when a record number of diners came to the Hospital Cafeteria for the Chef Specials.

Breakfast was a hit with a Custom Omelet Bar. Dietary Services Director John Alcantar said that 52 omelets were sold.

Lunch was even more popular. The Chef Special, a monthly treat for staff, patients, and diners in general, was a medley of three different kinds of tacos: Barbacoa, Chicken, and Fish. All tortillas were made on site, and a whopping 150 tacos were sold!

The San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital cafeteria is open to the public for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and is a great option for budget-friendly, healthy meals.

For more information, call 951-845-1121, or visit our Cafeteria Menu.

To read more articles about our Dietary Services Department, click on Record Gazette article or Press Enterprise article.

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