San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital Receives New Patient Beds

San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital welcomed 14 new patient beds on Thursday, March 8. These new beds combine the latest technology with luxurious comfort to offer patients superior care.

From Linet Americas, a leading producer of innovative hospital beds and patient room equipment worldwide, these new beds provide several features designed to benefit both patients and staff.

“These beds are state-of-the-art,” said Bob Perez, San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital’s Director of Materials Management.

Linet is the number one producer of hospital beds in Europe, and they have won numerous awards for their innovative, technologically-advanced products.

“The company closely cooperates with medical staff to make sure that the design and function of its products meet all demands of modern healthcare,” Linet said. “This award-winning hospital bed provides the latest technology that actively supports treatment that aids in the recovery of the patient.”

San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital is the first hospital in California to purchase the Eleganza 3 acute care beds for their Medical-Surgical unit.

The 14 new beds benefit both staff and patients. The beds are lighter and more maneuverable than most hospital beds, while the design of the bed aids in patient mobility, leading to a faster recovery. And patients are excited about the Linet beds because their memory foam mattresses provide superior comfort.

“They’re so easy to use and turn,” said Gayle Freude, San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital Medical-Surgical and Transitional Care Unit Director. “These features will save the nurses’ backs. They’re very excited about the new beds.”

The beds also aid in infection control, with their innovative sealed column design, removable plastic deck and closed side rails. Plus, the beds are easy to clean, and maintenance on them can be done in-house.

The Linet beds feature:

  • Active patient mobilization
  • Optimum protection against falls
  • Innovative ergonomics for comfortable and safer patient positioning
  • Easy-clean design helps prevent hospital infections
  • Unique mattress platform design improves comfort and helps prevent pressure ulcers
  • Simple and intuitive controls for easy use
  • Easy and Low-Cost Maintenance

In addition to all of the great features the Linet Americas beds have, they are also 30 percent less expensive with more standard features than other hospital beds, Perez said.

Linet Americas sales manager Jeff Dawson added that the cost of ownership is less than other beds, and each one has a five-year warranty, which he said is “unheard of” in the medical industry.

“They’re fully loaded and have every bell and whistle, but for less money,” said Perez.

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