Open Positions at San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital

San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital is hiring!

We are looking for nine full-time positions, a part-time position, and two per diem positions for RNs, an EKG Technician, a Clinical Analyst, and a Physical Therapist, in several different departments, including Surgery, Obstetrics, Nursing Administration, IT, ER, and many more.

Various group insurance plans are offered to full and part time employees. In many cases, the hospital subsidizes the cost; any premiums paid by the employee are by pre-tax payroll deduction, which reduces taxable income by the amount of the deduction.

The hospital provides one times the annual salary in group term life insurance for all Associates (including per diem staff).

The hospital sponsored retirement plan allows employees to contribute up to the maximum limits set by the IRS for your retirement needs. All employees are able to participate in the savings opportunities of this plan. Beginning in January 2012, all new hires will be automatically enrolled with a 1% deduction going to their retirement account.
SGMH will match up to 5% of your annual contributions. Matching will begin after your first 90 days of employment.

San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital offers all of this, and much more. But one of the most priceless benefits is working with a friendly and helpful staff in a community that cares!

Job Posting 2-29-2012

*For current available positions, please visit our website, at

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