Wellness is Now!

The San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital launched its “Wellness is Now (WIN)” program on Tuesday, February 14, with an informational booth in the front lobby of the hospital, and walking tours on the hospital grounds.

The program is geared towards hospital associates, as a way to promote healthy living within the organization.

“Associates at SGMH revealed a strong interest in a wellness program at our facility, so here it is,” Jan Eversull, Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness Coordinator said. “The WIN Committee has worked diligently over the last several months to provide a program that address our associates’ requests that incorporate mind, body and spirit.”

On Tuesday, associates signed up for lab tests, and had their vitals taken by nursing students from the Beaumont Adult School and Mt. San Jacinto Community College.

Participants also entered a raffle for various prizes, and received pedometers before taking walking trail tours with WIN Health Ambassadors Mayda Cox, Director of Patient Financial Services, and Steffen Meland, Director of Rehabilitation Services.

As the year goes on, associates can learn about different topics through the WIN Program. March is Nutrition Month, and in April, associates can learn about stress relief. Other topics include First Aid Safety, Germ Prevention, Healthy Eating, and National Preparedness and Breast Cancer Awareness months.

“Working in a hospital, we become proficient in caring for others, but often neglect ourselves,” Eversull said. “Taking charge of your health and well-being can be easy, and incorporated into your work day with easy and fun physical and mental exercises.”

For more information about the WIN Program, contact Kim Nelson at 951-845-2116 or at knelson@sgmh.org.

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