SGMH in the News: SGMH Cures Budget Blues with Imation Product

San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital was commended for its privacy policies and medical records archiving system in a recent Imation article.

IT’s Richard Trower, Senior Programmer and Database Administrator, helped save the hospital money by finding an affordable way to electronically archive the hospital’s data.

Trower was quoted as saying “With the InfiniVault, we knew we could do what we needed to do; meet the governance standard ,store data for the length of time required…which is a big challenge.

“Being in healthcare, we’re in a unique situation. You have to keep records for so long, almost indefinitely really. When a child is born in our hospital, we have to keep those records until they’re 25 years old.

“Going to InfiniVault reduced costs by $80,000 over a four year period. In a small community-based hospital, that’s a significant amount of money,” Trower said.

Read the full article at: San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital Cures Budget Blues

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